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Would that people could just understand that sometimes people just want to look good and appeal to others or even just themselves: Cyberpunk shouldn't be limited to asians any more than steampunk should be limited to europeans. Russian wives naked. She likes how she looks, and that's really all that matters. Sexy cyberpunk girl. I honestly don't have any issue with this girl simply because shes being honest about it and literally showed she was building dem pants.

When a gear is just stuck on something to make it steampunk, the reason it doesn't work is because it should reasonably have a function to be there and it doesn't. He is also an Elite hacker, who may have finally met his match. She looks exactly like Sandara.

If anything shes the perfect example for women to say "You can be beautiful AND smart. It just hard to put into words that this masterpiece just speak epicness in so many levels. There's a reason a scientist who did something amazing was brought to tears on television over a shirt.

By Carla, December 2, 1: There's some person in the middle of China with a full blown 3d printer setup and design software tinkering with her clothing. Compared to China the female Maker scene in the West seems incredibly conservative and hostile to women who don't conform to the blue hair and tattoos, zero-risk-non-conformist look: I make no assumptions otherwise.

So why build characters by just swapping gender roles? Just few weeks ago other guys on set I work as an actor occasionally made comments about my height, not really disparaging but they definitely noticed I was shorter than all of them. Best nude self pics. This shot was needed after my last project which no one believed I made. Most of the comments in this thread clarify sadly well why there weren't pictures of it being worn.

On a personal level a certain part of me enjoys such little attire but the actual thinking part doesn't care for the showing of skin for a few reasons. Yes, both were also employed as subordinate meatpuppets albeit, Lisbeth not necessarily electively so.

Chinese girl posting her DIY to a primarily Western newsboard There's some person in the middle of China with a full blown 3d printer setup and design software tinkering with her clothing She happens to be cute and wears suspenders Check check and check for cyberpunk.

This erotica anthology includes the following: Oh, that is cooool! It has an influence, absolutely, and it is definitely asian 'flavored', as you put it, but the person making a product happening to be Asian doesn't make the product any different.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I would rock the hell out of a skirt like this! Visit other subreddits we like on the wiki: Secondly, in my eyes she is creating art. Height is probably the biggest one. Still, I like the look and style, kudos to her on attitude as well. Submit a new link.

She's totally not my type to date, more like she's just cool to look at. She actually created something cool, and you're worried about the points she's receiving?

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They nitpick apart each others appearances and tease each other.

He was commenting on the cross-cultural, global aspect of this. Old and young lesbian gallery. Blood pressure, skin conductivity: If I built a pocket watch, stuck an LED on it so I could see what it says in the dark, and posted it here, it'd clearly not be cyberpunk. Sexy cyberpunk girl. To me, LEDs are to cyberpunk as gears are to steampunk. That inexperience means you're less likely to notice certain things and more likely to remain ignorant to them until you learn to see them.

Women are people who can do what they want, they don't have to all act as ambassadors to the gender, presenting a singular ideal that will benefit the collective. I personally think a lower light level would be better and save you batterybut that's relating to what I personally find sexy, so my own taste shouldn't necessarily guide what you choose to do.

Her creator, Stieg Larsson, describes Lisbeth as a 24 year old woman with the stunted body of a primal adolescent, who nonetheless moves with the focused speed of a tarantula and who can successfully integrate amongst neurotypicals when necessary.

She owes nobody an explanation for her appearance; those who second-guess her decisions are simply making a statement about their own insecurities. Uncategorized 23 November Basically yeah obviously she shouldn't be judged for making a short skirt light, but she also shouldn't be judged for making a short skirt light. She's smart and sexy. It's probably because the skirt hugs the sides of legs too much so all the light seems to be emanating from her crouch rather than evenly cast down her legs.

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The reason you're not seeing it is because it's such a part of every day life that most people simply don't notice any of it. So you are just pulling the bulling reference out of your ass?

I was just referring to the situation she described, which made it sound like it was women who were criticizing her. Lesbian feeldoe videos. In the West, we scoff at Muslim women for wearing hijabs and being too conservative. Because if we look sexy the evil men will never take us seriously LOL.

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By Carla, December 2, 1: Once when just had shaggy hippy hair these guys at school never spoke to me. But this gal with the LED skirt is different in my eyes at least. RES users may experience conflicts with our custom theme, as RES is overzealous when applying its own styling highlighting being a prime example and breakages occur quite frequently.

Look at the idiots who attacked that scientist for his shirt. They're not super models by any stretch, but they're not hambeasts. Your whole gallery is exceptional.

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