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Sources said that's when the higher ups at HPD learned Suro had posted nearly pictures -- some of them nude -- on the modeling site. If another cop found them, then doesn't that make them as guilty for something she is.

So she used the uniform I could see it if she had a photo of her uniform or something that identifies her. Photos of girls getting fucked. Houston Police Aunt Family Singlet. Stacey suro nude photos. That or I am just getting too old. It says, "Employees shall exhibit professional conduct at all times and shall not engage in any activity, including unlawful activity that would degrade or bring disrespect upon the employee or the department. BrenMar 22, Posting pictures like this is just a horrible representation of what women in the work force should not do!

Was it she no, because nobody knew! I don't even know if the show is on anymore. The investigation into Sgt. Houston police sergeant faces dismissal over posting nude photos of herself online 31 posts 1 2 3 4 Next.

You know who I'm talking about. Naked human photos. Turn on javascript or enable it for Fark for a better user experience. Click here to investigate the photos yourself. Her DPD background investigation apparently missed a few things. Please upgrade before June 1,or you'll be unable to view Fark.

It is my opinion, that if you are not on the clock and not breaking the law, then it is nobody's business what you are doing. They prob just jealous because they dont look like her. In general, people will always pretend to be as outraged as they think their neighbors will pretend to be. But it sounds more like a tempest in a tea cup, tarnished reputation laughable. Can she still do her job effectively? Ian said he now feels more energetic and not as tired and Officer Hall said the two will Click here to read them.

Instead Houston is maintaining that they place no value upon evidence control and they consider the position to be only a punishment job with no value to their agency. The pursuit began around 1: Proper evidence control is the basis of every criminal case conviction. Who gives a rats ass what she does when she's not working??? The agency has the right to protect its public image as having high moral and ethical standards, regardless of our "personal life".

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KPRC Local 2 also checked with the Houston Police Officers' Union, but they really couldn't tell us much because they found out about all of this from us.

I can think of five people I know offhand that would be livid. Almost naked pics. I agree with a couple of others who posted. Hey, there are issues here not known. She can have a personal life, and a modeling career. Stacey suro nude photos. She did not do enough wrong to be demoted and taken off the street. She wasnt on duty and didnt identify herself as a cop so its none of their business! Just because someone does something that a person in command might not personally agree with does not make it shameful or disrespectful.

Password Login Turn on javascript or enable it for Fark for a better user experience. The charges will be dismissed after they complete hours of community service. Man on man, woman on woman; anything goes! We all know that every large department has at least a few. Brazil nude beach tumblr. Everyone that's posted their opinions is all well and good Mar 22, I really don't have anything to add. Don't give up sweetheart, do what makes you happy, and me horny Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch cracked.

There is no hope for the human race. ScottieG59Mar 22, Maybe those I command might not have the same respect for me, maybe I should not do this in uniform ect Stacey Suro Photos Scandal: Smash the Houston Police Horse greeting fans.

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If her policy said it's a no, no, they have a point. Posting pictures like this is just a horrible representation of what women in the work force should not do! What she does off the clock is her business. Can she truly be an effective supervisor when her subordinates are thinking more about what she looked like out of uniform? It makes her cheap and taudry, takes away from her professionalism glad I do not work for this dept.

Her profile has been removed.

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I feel bad for the dept. Nicky whelan naked pics. They took to social media to attempt to find out what was going on. I could see it if she had a photo of her uniform or something that identifies her. She tok precautions as to not identify herself as a member of that dept. You need to create an account to submit links or post comments.

Brenda Urbanek, a year employee of the Grand Island training center, will take over as BTW she's is pretty smokin hot!!! Smash the Houston Police Horse greeting fans. How are you going to support your child NOW? ClydeG19Mar 22, If you can read this, either the style sheet didn't load or you have an older browser that doesn't support style sheets.

Then how is this private citizen bringing discredit to the police?

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